Queen B - Year 1

We didn't talk much about children, we both knew we wanted a family but neither of us were in a rush to get there. In my mind we would travel the world together, young, dumb, & in love. Once we'd seen it all we would have a family and settle down. I couldn't have been more selfish, & I couldn't have been more wrong.

In a year God has shown me more of my wife than I ever could have seen or found on my own, a greater understanding for creation and the love He has for it, the value of time well spent, the impact from an intentional act of love, Grace, Patience, Courage, Fear, Doubt, Failure, & Faith.

All through our little lady Branch Eisley.

It's amazing to see how something so small, without words, without motives, in full submission to God & the parents he's entrusted her to, can change someones entire life, can bring people that were once separated together again, and can display the depths of our Fathers love.

Every day I hold her I thank God for the year he has given us with her, and Pray for many more.




Last august I was in Haiti creating a video for the Cabaret Haiti Mission, each night I was able to access wifi for about 10 minutes. I checked my email and found a request from American Idol producers to attend the Atlanta auditions. We decided to give it a shot and the next week we were in Atlanta.

Tuesday, September 29th. Just 2 weeks later God decided to give us Branch Eisley (Queen B.)


It felt as if everything stopped. Time, stopped. Life, Stopped

Then when I held her, it all began again

And everything was new


Going to "Hollywood" for most people was a dream. For me it was a fear, almost a nightmare.

My wife just gave birth to our first child. She needed me, she wanted me to go..but I knew she needed me. They were most important to me & I was across the country filming a TV show that meant nothing to me. The gift of Life, The gift of Love, The gift of eternally knowing and being with my Savior was purchased on the Cross. Along with that, God gifted me with 2 of the most beautiful women he may have ever made and I was without them, creating something that would just bring me a season of starch popularity. It ate me up. I didn't sleep, I didn't eat. I wanted my girls and I wanted my church. It soon became evident where I needed to be.

After a week away I was scheduled to be on a flight the next day. I couldn't wait. I purchased a new ticket to fly home that night. I haven't left them since.

It's been an incredible year.

I try to hold onto every moment. When she falls down and cries she'll reach for me, I cherish that need that will one day fade. I watch Holly and the way she loves her, and cares for us. I keep the fragments of the season we are in close. Tomorrow will be different, I don't want to forget where we are, I don't want to forget who we are.


1st Corinthians - Day 2


1st Corinthians - Day 2

Today was the 2nd day of shooting the 1st Corinthians short. After being rained out yesterday we were praying for better luck, but it just wasn't happening for us. As soon as we were leaving my house to head back out to the corn field it began to rain. We went anyways hoping it would pass over.

 Now I really wanted to document this whole week of shooting but after being rained out yesterday I couldn't think of anything that could happen today that would be worth telling.

But obviously we are here..

Now this corn field was pretty massive, to me anyways. I'd say it was at least 3/400 acres. As we're making our way back out, we start to see the sky's part and the rain slowing down. This gave us hope that we may actually be able to put something together today. Passing the Butt Hutt, Huddle House, and Fair Grounds approaching the field. We were met with the shocking conclusion that the corn field was gone! No broken stalks, crop circles,  just water and mud. MY MIND WAS BLOWN! My mind IS blown! How could the huge corn field we were standing in the middle of, in the pouring rain, 5 feet high in stalks, just hours before be gone. It quickly became a joke. Now we were in the middle of no where left to film a corn field with no corn. 


Needless to say we improvised and at the end of the day were pretty happy with the footage that was captured.



1st Corinthians - Day 1

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1st Corinthians - Day 1

 This evening was the first of 3 this week that will be spent shooting a 60 second short for the District Church's 1st Corinthians series. 

 We kept a close watch on the weather all day hoping it would stay clear long enough for us to shoot in the evening. By the time everyone was off work and ready to go, the sky's were still clear enough so we packed up and headed out to shoot. We drove 45 minutes outside of town to a corn field where we would capture most of the main scenes of the video. We were testing a drone from work so it was the perfect time to get a few really cool arial shots. 

After about 45 minutes of carrying the drone, all our cameras and equipment 300 yards into a corn field & setting up. We started on our first shot. 

Only minutes in, the rain began and here we were in the middle of a corn field ankle deep in mud. 

Needless to say day one was a wash. Hopefully day 2 will bring greater, dryer things.


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It was an ordinary Friday evening. We played a local show and everything went great.

Afterwards everyone came back to my house for what was suppose to be a night of rope swinging off of the roof of my house. When I came in everyone was packed into the smallest room and as I made my way in to see why, I met Martin. 

Martin was a 6 month old rescue dog that my sister adopted for me. We are unaware of Martins previous owners or experiences but it was clear to see that he was so happy to be with someone and to have so much attention. It wasn't but a few minutes later that someone came through the front door and as soon as it opened Martin dashed out and down the street with everyone chasing behind. He ran from yard to yard, ditch to ditch so happy to be free from a cage. With everyone yelling for "Martin" he didn't even bother to look back. We finally caught him, but even weeks later he would not show any response to the name "Martin". It wasn't until a year later when I was looking over his adoption papers and found his name was not Martin, His name was "Hunter" and that my sister told me his name was Martin simply because she like it better.

But that was not all I found.

It was always somewhat of a joke when my dad's birth date would come up, the fact that he was a pastor and he was born on 6.6.66

Dad passed away just a few months before I met Martin, and I eventually found that Martin's birth date also fell on June 6th. The same birthday my dad once celebrated. A coincidence? I'm sure, but to me it meant so much. Like I can still celebrate my dad, with Marty.

Matin is going to be 4 years old this June. In the littlest way he has done so much in my life. I've always heard the saying "A Dog is a Man's Best Friend" but until Martin I never experienced it. For 3 years now Martin and I have been best friends and our family is growing, He now has a Mom, Brother Joe, & Cousin Clyde (the cat).

Marin has so much character and so much personality. He's never met a stranger and will never turn down a meal. 

#OhMarty is the hashtag created to share his life with others, and a way for me to look back on all our adventures together. 

I've been blessed to have such a great friend, & even though he's short, a little chubby, begs for the rest of every meal, & has slightly unbearable morning breath...I Love the kid 




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