Last august I was in Haiti creating a video for the Cabaret Haiti Mission, each night I was able to access wifi for about 10 minutes. I checked my email and found a request from American Idol producers to attend the Atlanta auditions. We decided to give it a shot and the next week we were in Atlanta.

Tuesday, September 29th. Just 2 weeks later God decided to give us Branch Eisley (Queen B.)


It felt as if everything stopped. Time, stopped. Life, Stopped

Then when I held her, it all began again

And everything was new


Going to "Hollywood" for most people was a dream. For me it was a fear, almost a nightmare.

My wife just gave birth to our first child. She needed me, she wanted me to go..but I knew she needed me. They were most important to me & I was across the country filming a TV show that meant nothing to me. The gift of Life, The gift of Love, The gift of eternally knowing and being with my Savior was purchased on the Cross. Along with that, God gifted me with 2 of the most beautiful women he may have ever made and I was without them, creating something that would just bring me a season of starch popularity. It ate me up. I didn't sleep, I didn't eat. I wanted my girls and I wanted my church. It soon became evident where I needed to be.

After a week away I was scheduled to be on a flight the next day. I couldn't wait. I purchased a new ticket to fly home that night. I haven't left them since.

It's been an incredible year.

I try to hold onto every moment. When she falls down and cries she'll reach for me, I cherish that need that will one day fade. I watch Holly and the way she loves her, and cares for us. I keep the fragments of the season we are in close. Tomorrow will be different, I don't want to forget where we are, I don't want to forget who we are.