We didn't talk much about children, we both knew we wanted a family but neither of us were in a rush to get there. In my mind we would travel the world together, young, dumb, & in love. Once we'd seen it all we would have a family and settle down. I couldn't have been more selfish, & I couldn't have been more wrong.

In a year God has shown me more of my wife than I ever could have seen or found on my own, a greater understanding for creation and the love He has for it, the value of time well spent, the impact from an intentional act of love, Grace, Patience, Courage, Fear, Doubt, Failure, & Faith.

All through our little lady Branch Eisley.

It's amazing to see how something so small, without words, without motives, in full submission to God & the parents he's entrusted her to, can change someones entire life, can bring people that were once separated together again, and can display the depths of our Fathers love.

Every day I hold her I thank God for the year he has given us with her, and Pray for many more.