This evening was the first of 3 this week that will be spent shooting a 60 second short for the District Church's 1st Corinthians series. 

 We kept a close watch on the weather all day hoping it would stay clear long enough for us to shoot in the evening. By the time everyone was off work and ready to go, the sky's were still clear enough so we packed up and headed out to shoot. We drove 45 minutes outside of town to a corn field where we would capture most of the main scenes of the video. We were testing a drone from work so it was the perfect time to get a few really cool arial shots. 

After about 45 minutes of carrying the drone, all our cameras and equipment 300 yards into a corn field & setting up. We started on our first shot. 

Only minutes in, the rain began and here we were in the middle of a corn field ankle deep in mud. 

Needless to say day one was a wash. Hopefully day 2 will bring greater, dryer things.


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