Today was the 2nd day of shooting the 1st Corinthians short. After being rained out yesterday we were praying for better luck, but it just wasn't happening for us. As soon as we were leaving my house to head back out to the corn field it began to rain. We went anyways hoping it would pass over.

 Now I really wanted to document this whole week of shooting but after being rained out yesterday I couldn't think of anything that could happen today that would be worth telling.

But obviously we are here..

Now this corn field was pretty massive, to me anyways. I'd say it was at least 3/400 acres. As we're making our way back out, we start to see the sky's part and the rain slowing down. This gave us hope that we may actually be able to put something together today. Passing the Butt Hutt, Huddle House, and Fair Grounds approaching the field. We were met with the shocking conclusion that the corn field was gone! No broken stalks, crop circles,  just water and mud. MY MIND WAS BLOWN! My mind IS blown! How could the huge corn field we were standing in the middle of, in the pouring rain, 5 feet high in stalks, just hours before be gone. It quickly became a joke. Now we were in the middle of no where left to film a corn field with no corn. 


Needless to say we improvised and at the end of the day were pretty happy with the footage that was captured.